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Decorative pillowcase 40x40

This elegant decorative pillowcase measuring 40x40 cm is perfect for embellishing the interior of your home. Available i

Inner cushion 40x40

Comfortable inner cushion measuring 40x40 cm, ideal for use in the living room, bedroom, office. Filled with silicone ba

Pillow Latex Standard

Sometimes changing the sleeping surface may not be enough. To ensure maximum comfort - whether during rest or sleep - we

Pillow Latex profiled

It is said that sleep is health. However, this is only true when we properly care about the quality of this rest. To sle

Thermoelastic pillow VP profiled

The profiled thermoelastic pillow VP is designed for those who expect proper sleep quality and comfort in their own home

Thermoelastic pillow Visco

In a market flooded with numerous pillows promising to enhance our comfort, it's challenging to select the best option.