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Bardot Grey

The Bardot Grey carpet takes its inspiration from the surface of the moon. This is because it is reminiscent of it with

Blodwen Beige

The Blowden Beige carpet relies on a longer pile. Its fluffy surface is ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in the room

Blodwen Black

The Blowden Black carpet impresses with its neutral and cosy character. Its presence will prove welcome in cold arrangem

Blodwen Grey

The Blowden Grey shaggy carpet is well suited to modern compositions. Its shaggy surface will successfully warm up its s

Codrila Beige

The Codrila Beige carpet is a polyester-polypropylene proposal for a modern interior. The artificial pile of the carpet

Codrila Grey

The Codrila Grey carpet is a solution created for modern spaces. The surface of the product relies on a three-dimensiona

Collymore Beige

The Collymore Beige carpet is woven from viscose yarn, so it is pleasant to the touch and exceptionally smooth. The jute

Elsher Beige

The Elsher Beige carpet is made of polyester-polypropylene yarn with a jute underside. This makes it resistant to damage

Elsher Grey

The Elsher Grey carpet is made of a polyester-polypropylene blend with a jute underside. This solution ensures its high

Eustache Beige

The Eustache carpet is a modern interpretation of a classic design. Here you will find a neutral colouring and a charact

Siggi Grey

The Siggi carpet is distinguished by a fashionable, three-dimensional effect that the designers applied to its surface.

Squitta Grey Gold

The Squitta Grey Gold carpet is a glamour proposal. The surface printed with a pattern stylised as precious marble is co

Verlice Beige

The Verlice Beige carpet is an alternative to more expressive proposals. The uniformly beige surface with longer pile is

Verlice Grey

The Verlice Grey carpet is a proposal for lovers of traditional solutions. The product is based on subdued, grey colouri