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About the product


The black freestanding RTV Meorati cabinet is an elegant and practical piece of furniture that will perfectly meet your needs for storing and showcasing electronics in your living room or entertainment area. With a depth of 40 cm, width of 150 cm, and height of 60 cm, this RTV Meorati cabinet offers the right dimensions to accommodate a TV, audio-visual equipment, and other accessories. Made of durable 16 mm thick board, the furniture provides a solid construction that will serve you for many years. The ABS edging that adorns both the drawers and the cabinet not only gives the furniture an aesthetic appearance but also protects it from potential damage. This meticulous finishing makes the RTV Meorati cabinet stylish and elegant, introducing a refined accent to the interior. The RTV Meorati cabinet features two open shelves, allowing for convenient arrangement of multimedia devices or decorations. Additionally, it is equipped with two shelves with bright engraved fronts on the doors, which add a unique character to the cabinet. With these shelves, you have the opportunity to store items with greater privacy while adding a designer element to the interior. The 20 cm high legs made of black metal add stability and visual contrast to the RTV Meorati cabinet. Their black color harmonizes with the overall furniture, creating a cohesive and modern style. This black freestanding RTV Meorati cabinet not only provides a practical solution for storing electronics but also serves as an elegant decorative element that adds sophistication and functionality to your interior.

Product parameters

All parameters

Width [cm]: 40
Height [cm]: 60
Depth [cm]: 150
Total Weight [kg]: 30.5
Number of Packages: 1
Approved Use: Residential Use
Adult Assembly Required: true
Level of Assembly: Partially Assembled
Number of Adults for Assembly: 2
Warranty: 2 Years
Country of Origin: Poland
Primary Fabrics: Czarny Mat
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: Wood
Secondary Fabrics: Dąb Artisan
Extra Packing: No