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About the product


The black wall-mounted RTV Meorati cabinet is a stylish and functional piece of furniture, perfect for your entertainment space. Designed with the storage and display of electronics in mind, it provides ample space for audio-visual equipment and additional accessories. With a depth of 40 cm, width of 150 cm, and height of 40 cm, the RTV Meorati cabinet has optimal dimensions that make it suitable for various rooms. Made of durable 16 mm thick board, it guarantees solidity and long-lasting use. The ABS edging that adorns the drawers and the cabinet adds elegance while providing protection against damage. This meticulous finishing gives the furniture an aesthetic appearance and ensures durability for everyday use. The RTV Meorati cabinet features two open shelves, allowing you to showcase multimedia devices or decorations. Additionally, it has one shelf with bright engraved fronts on the doors, adding a designer element to the piece. This allows you to store items with greater privacy while adding a stylish accent to your interior. This black wall-mounted RTV Meorati cabinet is not only a practical solution for storing electronics but also a unique decorative element that adds elegance and functionality to your entertainment space.

Product parameters

All parameters

Width [cm]: 40
Height [cm]: 40
Depth [cm]: 150
Total Weight [kg]: 28
Number of Packages: 1
Approved Use: Residential Use
Adult Assembly Required: true
Level of Assembly: Partially Assembled
Number of Adults for Assembly: 2
Warranty: 2 Years
Country of Origin: Poland
Primary Fabrics: Czarny Mat
Primary Color: Black
Secondary Color: Wood
Secondary Fabrics: Dąb Artisan
Price group: Basic
Extra Packing: No