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About the product


The Includo TV cabinet is a designer solution that will enrich your interior with elegance and functionality. This impressive cabinet is meticulously designed in terms of both aesthetics and practicality. The depth of the product, measuring 40 cm, the width of the product, measuring 200 cm, and the height of the product, measuring 55 cm, make the Includo TV cabinet spacious and perfectly suited for larger spaces. Its proportions are ideal for placing a television and other electronic devices. Made of durable 16 mm thick board, the Includo TV cabinet is sturdy and resistant to damage. Its elegant navy blue finish with white elements adds a modern and stylish look that blends well with various interior designs. The legs of the Includo TV cabinet are made of black wood with subtly golden accents, adding elegance and a unique character to the furniture. Additionally, they provide stability and durability, which is especially important when accommodating heavy equipment. The Includo TV cabinet features two drawers that offer ample storage space. The drawers are equipped with full-extension ball-bearing slides, making it easy to access stored items. The drawer finish is made of PVC edging, ensuring durability and aesthetics. Moreover, the TV cabinet has two open shelves that are perfect for displaying audio-video equipment, books, decorations, or other items you want to have within reach. The handles of the drawers are made of high-quality golden metal, adding elegance to the furniture and facilitating usage. The Includo TV cabinet weighs 56 kg, indicating its solid construction and the use of high-quality materials in its production. It is a piece of furniture that will not only meet your expectations in terms of functionality but also add a refined character to your interior. The Includo TV cabinet combines aesthetics, functionality, and solidity. Its impressive appearance, spaciousness, and number of storage spaces make it an ideal solution for your living room. With it, your electronic equipment will be properly organized, and the entire space will have an elegant look.

Product parameters

All parameters

Width [cm]: 200
Height [cm]: 55
Depth [cm]: 40
Total Weight [kg]: 56
Number of Packages: 1
Approved Use: Residential Use
Adult Assembly Required: true
Level of Assembly: Partially Assembled
Number of Adults for Assembly: 2
Warranty: 2 Years
Country of Origin: Poland
Primary Color: Blue
Secondary Color: White
Extra Packing: No