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Vixisse A

About the product


The Vixisse A Mirror is a stylish, rectangular mirror with dimensions of 66 cm x 81 cm. It is equipped with a black frame, giving it a modern appearance. This lightweight mirror weighs 6,4 kg and can be easily mounted on the wall using two hooks (included in the package). The package also includes four screws measuring 2x51 mm and four expansion plugs measuring 8x50 mm, providing a solid and secure installation. The mirror also features pleasant illumination due to the use of an LED light source. It is powered by a voltage of 230V~50Hz using a 12VDC power supply. This elegant mirror will be a perfect addition to your interior, adding style and functionality to it.

Product parameters

All parameters

Szerokość [cm]: 66
Wysokość [cm]: 81
Zalecane użycie: Residential Use
Liczba paczek: 1
Waga całkowita [kg]: 6.4
Wymagany montaż przez osoby dorosłe: true
Montaż: Partially Assembled
Liczba osób dorosłych zalecanych do złożenia: 2
Gwarancja: 2 Years
Kraj pochodzenia: Poland
Długość [cm]: