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Orandiu A

About the product


Orandiu A is an elegant mirror with lighting that will add a unique character and functionality to your space. Designed in a circular shape, it is available in two different sizes to perfectly suit your needs. The mirror panel has a slim depth of only 4 cm, making it both stylish and practical. The IP21 protection class ensures resistance to dust and protection against water splashes, making Orandiu A mirrors an ideal choice for bathrooms or other humid spaces. The set includes mounting brackets, screws, and hooks for easy installation on the wall. Orandiu A mirrors are equipped with energy-efficient LED light sources, providing even and pleasant illumination. They are powered by a 230V~50Hz power supply that transforms the voltage to 12VDC, ensuring safe usage. All components of the Orandiu A mirror are carefully packaged in cardboard, providing protection during transport. With its modern design and high-quality craftsmanship, Orandiu A mirrors will be a perfect addition to any interior, adding a touch of charm and style.

Product parameters

All parameters

Szerokość [cm]: 60
Wysokość [cm]: 60
Zalecane użycie: Residential Use
Liczba paczek: 1
Waga całkowita [kg]: 5.5
Wymagany montaż przez osoby dorosłe: true
Montaż: Partially Assembled
Liczba osób dorosłych zalecanych do złożenia: 2
Gwarancja: 2 Years
Kraj pochodzenia: Poland
Długość [cm]: