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Gerbinie L

About the product


Gerbinie L is an elegant mirror with lighting, available in two variants that differ in width and height to meet your individual needs. Regardless of the chosen variant, the mirrors share a common depth of 2 cm, providing a minimalist appearance. These mirrors are unique thanks to their round frame, which adds style and elegance. The frame of Gerbinie L is adorned with a golden finish, giving the mirror a luxurious character and making it not only a practical piece of furniture but also a design accent in your interior. The quality and durability of this mirror are confirmed by the IP45 protection class, which means it is dust and moisture resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms and other humid environments. Gerbinie L is equipped with an energy-efficient LED light source with a power of 15W. The light source is powered by a dedicated LED Slim power supply, which not only ensures bright and even illumination but also minimizes energy consumption. The package includes everything you need to hang the mirror: plugs, screws, and hooks, making installation easy and convenient. With Gerbinie L, you can create not only functional but also impressive lighting in your interior, adding character and charm to it.