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Elistul A

About the product


The Elistul A mirror is an elegant and functional solution for your bathroom or any other space in your home. There are two variants of this mirror with different sizes, allowing you to customize them to your individual needs. Both the width and height of the mirror depend on the selected variant, allowing for a perfect fit in your space. The depth of the mirror, its panel, is 2 cm, giving it a slim and modern appearance. The package includes essential elements for hanging the mirror, including plugs, screws, and hooks, making installation easy and convenient. The mirror frame has a round shape and is finished in white, adding elegance and style to it. Furthermore, the Elistul A mirror has an IP45 protection class, meaning it is moisture-resistant and can be used in the bathroom without concerns about damage. As a light source, it utilizes energy-efficient 15W LED bulbs. LED mirrors are not only environmentally friendly but also provide bright and uniform lighting, perfect for everyday hygiene and preparation tasks. The mirror is powered by LED Slim, making it energy-efficient and durable. The Elistul A mirror is not just a functional mirror but also a design element that adds modernity and style to your space. Thanks to its features such as the elegant frame and efficient LED lighting, it is an excellent solution for your interior.

Product parameters

All parameters

Kolor podstawowy: White
Liczba paczek: 1
Montaż: Partially Assembled
Wymagany montaż przez osoby dorosłe: true
Liczba osób dorosłych zalecanych do złożenia: 2
Gwarancja: 2 Years
Kraj pochodzenia: Poland